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Sunday, May 15, 2011


peerrgghhhhh . mmg gempak gila lah . nak tahu sape yg gempak . ade bdk kelas fais nie . 
fais mmg tabik spring lah . toin . toin . toin . dye bole cipta lirik lagu dalam hanya 1 malam . nie lirik dye :
lirik by : amrina ramli 

Sitting by myself remembering
Holding the tears to never obeys gravity
I thought love would last
But i was wrong

I’m trying to recall how its starts
Bitterly,i only remember how fast it ends

I lived half alive since you’re no longer mine
I don't know how to live
 Without the other half of my heart

Our love is short
But forgetting is long
Tell me
Do you feel the same

I choosed to wait in your shadows
Watching you from distance
Pretend you’re not everything I could love forever

Pretending i’ve move on but
Still i catch my breath
When someone mentions you

You hurt me more than i deserve
Still i love you more than you deserve
My hearts still remains with you
I’m fighting to get over you but
I’m holding on to every word you said

I’m sorry but i’m moving on
Taking steps leaving you
This could be the end of you and me

Every steps rewind every single memory
Still i hold it close to my chest
Even if it kills me inside
I’ll love you constantly

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